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At Rumsey, music is EVERYWHERE.

From the Kindies morning sing-a-long to greet the day to the Upper School Orchestra, music is woven into the fabric of each school day. Our music program introduces and exposes students to a variety of musical experiences aimed at encouraging creativity and self-confidence through participation. No matter where a student is on their journey from discovering to mastering vocal and/or instrumental success, our highly-trained faculty advise and inspire students (and parents!) in and out of the classroom, practice room, and performance hall. All students take a general music class for one term each year as part of their regular academic program.  In addition to this course, Upper School students may choose to join the Rumsey Hall Chorus, Blue Dog Voices, and/or take instrument lessons. Instrument lessons take place in the evenings and/or on the weekends.

Lower School Music

Music classes are a key part of the program in the Rumsey Hall Lower School. Additionally, teachers in our Kindies through IIIrd Form (Grade 5) are intentional about peppering in opportunities for students to sing together as a class, strum a guitar out on the playground, or explore the harmonies of a group recorder exercise. In addition to the spontaneous joy created by unexpected moments of melody, students are trained in music theory and practice in strategic curriculum geared to how their age learns best. 

Students that participate in the Afternoon Enrichment Program can stretch their musical talents and know-how in teacher and peer-led workshops. These exploratory sessions drive students to tap into their innate talents and promote a courage-seeking attitude as students learn the lifelong benefits of the artistry and performance of music. 

Upper School Music
  • A general music class that meets twice a week for a portion of the year. IVth and Vth Form students meet for one-half of the school year, and VIth and VIIth Form students meet for one-third of the school year. This course explores music history as well as modern music and media.

  • Rumsey Hall Chorus: The performing vocal group that presents programs at Parents’ Weekends and is featured in a Winter Concert and at Commencement. This group is open to all students with no previous experience required. They meet once a week with their grade level and once a week as an ensemble with all grade levels in the Upper School. 

  • Blue Dog Voices: The performing a capella group that presents programs at Parents’ Weekends and is featured in a Winter Concert and at Commencement. Placement in this group is by audition and at the discretion of the director. They meet once a week as an ensemble with all grade levels in the Upper School during the regular chorus rehearsal on Mondays.

  • Orchestra: Upper School students who come to Rumsey with background and proficiency on particular instruments are encouraged to continue their studies privately and in a chamber music setting and to share their talents with the student body during special performances. Orchestra rehearsal takes place every Monday and Wednesday.

  • After School Arts Program Inter-District Strings Program (ensemble group): Interested students will sign up directly through the After School Arts Program run by ASAP!. This opportunity is for students in the Upper School (grades 6-9). The program practices on campus at the Rumsey Hall’s Max Theater.  

Rumsey Hall is proud to partner with ASAP! and the Waterbury Symphony Orchestra (WSO) in the collaborative Interdistrict Strings Project. Students train and collaborate with members of the WSO to gain a deeper understanding of their instruments. As well as learn classical pieces, and prepare to play in concert with one another. Culminating in a side by side performance with the WSO in front of a live audience.

ASAP! is an arts-infused education organization whose hands-on programming fosters awareness of how the arts, humanity, and learning are interconnected. While encouraging exploration, collaboration, and discovery vital to a journey of joyful learning.